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Fall Time At Whispering Hills

Whispering hills is a place of peace and tranquility. Sitting on your private deck drinking your early morning coffee, you might see a Bald Eagle or even a couple Bobcat kittens. Today while driving down Slate Gap Road there were 2 Bobcat Kittens crossing the road. You never know what wild life will pop out from these woods. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons on Beaver Lake.
There is a tour boat that leaves from Starkey Marina called the Belle of the Ozark’s. If you decide to bring your own boat, just ask me where to see the Bald Eagles and I will direct you to best of my knowledge.
I love to hear the wind whisper through the trees and if you stay at Cedar Bluff Cabin you here the crashing of the waves on the shore.
Looking forward to this beautiful new season.

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