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History of Whispering Hills Cabins

Whispering Hills Cabins was built to be a place for people to relax and many times reconnect. Mark and I use to book our own cabin vacations all over Arkansas. After many trips we decided to build a place for others to enjoy. We began the construction in 1997. The early stages of cutting a road into property and moving large rocks to prepare for the future.
The Honeymoon Cabin was completed and opened first. We were so excited as our new guests checked in on February of 1998. These “guests” soon became our favorites. This couple came every year in February for years.
Kenzy’s Wilderness was opened in March of 1998 and then of course the Country Blue. The Cedar Bluff was probably the biggest challenge for Mark to build because of the steep driveway. Most supplies were dropped off at the bottom of drive. Cedar Bluff Cabin was completed in 2000. Remember the year of fear. Predictions were that all power would stop and computers would quit and explode. These predictions were wrong.
Just because the cabins are nearing 18-20 years old doesn’t mean there not up to date. We maintain our cabins and keep them comfy and cozy like home.

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